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About us

ATI is a Medical Waste Management company offering full-service treatment and disposal services to customers throughout the state of California. We are fully compliant with all regulatory standards and dedicated to providing exceptional service within the healthcare industry. ATI has the flexibility to extend customized services of various medical waste generators. Our mission is to provide customers with the best combination of disposal systems to meet the specific requirements of each medical institution. We cater to your facility with a system suited just for you! We believe in offering realistic prices; we assure reliability and comprehensive customer service. ATI will become your partner in managing your facility's medical waste stream.

We cater to your facility with a system suited just for you!

ATI is also an environmentally responsible company, which manages regulatory waste in the safest and greenest way possible. We believe in the development and practice of alternative treatment technologies. We also offer reusable containers of various sizes to meet the individual needs of each customer. We process and treat medical waste at state approved facilities and track all containerized medical waste. We offer OSHA educational programs on how to handle, identify and dispose of waste properly, as well as ensure proper identification, recycling, and volume reduction to all our customers. 

We offer a flat-rate service and guarantee zero price increases during your initial contract period. As a policy, we do not bill for fuel, stop fees, or additional disposal fees. ATI does not believe these hidden fees. While unprecedented in this industry, ATI does not increase prices every six months -- we are proud to remain affordable and fair, from start to finish.

ATI Solutions

ATI offers safe, secure, cost-effective medical waste management services. We have many years of experience working with health care facilities. You can be confident that we understand your immediate needs and have the expertise to deliver the best possible service.

We offer complete Medical Waste Management Solutions:

  • Treatment of medical waste at state approved facility
  • Flexible schedules and transportation systems
  • Full range of Sharps and Medical Waste containers
  • Reusable waste containers of various sizes
  • Computer controlled tracking of the containerized medical waste.
  • Complete OSHA training programs
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We at ATI, know that finding the right medical waste management company to service your facility is not easy. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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